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Stacia Nero is a leader in the Philadelphia yoga and wellness community mission for the past decade has been to inspire others to find their own strength and growth through the practice of Yoga and self-care. She has traveled extensively to Southeast Asia and across the United Stated to train in Thai Yoga Massage, Aerial Yoga and Paddle Board Yoga. She is also trained in Yoga for Golfers to work more specifically with athletes improving the dynamics of their breath and swing.

She believes in the transformative power of deep interpersonal connections and that true Yogis strive to support their fellows throughout this life. Stacia pushes you to find yourself and to be okay with whatever arises. She is openly genuine, raw—coupled with a willingness to be vulnerable, so you too can live openly with her absent all pretense. She sees movement as poetry and breath as the rhythm of a powerful form of personal expression.


Stacia has trained and taught in many settings and communities for the last eight years. She has completed several 200-hour trainings, a yin certification, as well as her 500-hour training at Three Queens Yoga. She has cultivated strong yoga roots within Philadelphia and strives to curate special experiences that leaves each participant feeling stronger, more confidant, and open to new experiences.

Stacia Nero has been teaching in the Philadelphia area for the past decade. She believes in truth and authenticity however it comes. Yoga has aided in her self-discovery in living her truth and helping others discover theirs. As a child fascinated by human connection she grew to see body-work such as massage as a means of service to others.

Throughout her youth Stacia was an athlete and dancer. During her junior year when playing high school soccer she suffered a devastating ACL tear that ended her athletic career in organized team sports. She discovered—and soon embraced—yoga while rehabilitating from injury.

During these first steps into her practice, she also learned of the power of holistic movement and the power of breath. Like many others, she also suffered from chronic anxiety, which she learned to manage through yoga. Her work and study enabled Stacia to find balance in her daily life. The resultant solace and freedom of yoga that she found for herself inspired her to spread the teachings of yoga to others.


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my mantra

Take those shoes off. Be BAREFOOT. Wiggle your toes. Tap in. Feel. Ground down. Pull the force from your feet up up into your heart. Earth Mama. She wants your connection. Remember to bare it all, take a beat, and listen a little longer.